Cullinan Wedding at Victoria Manor

by - Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had the chance to work as second shooter for Mike Lerios in February. The day started at 2pm with a wave of heat hitting me as I opened the door of the (air conditioned) car. It was incredible how hot it was! The setting for this lovely wedding was Cullinan, just outside of Pretoria, but the price for this beauty was HEAT....

The church the service took place in was perfect, the vintage feel of the venue really lent itself to the moment and the couple were fantastic. I had the opportunity to capture the bride's preparations and in doing so had an experience which I thought would ruin her day.
It is usual to take a few "detail" shots of things that the bride and groom would wear (shoes, cuffs, earrings etc.) and so I asked her to make some of them available to me while she was dressing. After the bride removed her earrings we realised that one was missing when she was going to hand them to me.

Shock and horror!

We literally looked through every item of clothing in the room, in the folds of the bed, under the furniture and anywhere else we could think an errant earring would try to hide, but all to no avail, she was going to be lopsided. I felt so awful for asking her to remove them.

Despite the photographer induced drama, the wedding continued without a hitch and the bride, groom and their families were just "classy" people.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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  1. Cullinan is a lovely little town and your photos are beautiful!


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