Engagement Session :: Jared and Leilani

7:10 AM Ruby 0 Comments

Engagement sessions are always a great idea if you, as a photographer, are wanting to get to know the couple before a wedding. In this case I know both Jared and Leilani but in doing this shoot learned a lot more about both of them, they truly do make a good looking couple!

We decided to make use of the aeroplane as a prop (how often do you get to shoot at an airfield with an airplane and its pilot at your command?) and it worked really nicely. In fact, once we could get Jared to relax a little, he was funny and photogenic which made for a nice relaxing afternoon. The idea with this engagement shoot was a metaphor of the journey the couple are undertaking and, with Leilani and Jared working together, we had a fun time trying to get every shot and angle right.

Thanks for the fun guys!!!

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