Summer Wedding at Riverside Country Estate :: Jared and Leilani

by - Friday, February 07, 2014

Leilani must be the most organised person I know.  Every detail of her wedding was well thought out and the months of preparation certainly paid off.  It was a perfect summer’s day.  Riverside Country Estate is a jewel hidden in the outskirts of Springs.  I was so impressed by the venue and Tracy went above and beyond to ensure the day went smoothly. Leilani looked like a princess.  It was heartwarming to see her sisters and friends gather around her to help.
Leilani and Jared, thank you for allowing me the privilege of being part of your beautiful day.

Venue:  Riverside Country Estate
Music:  Rosa Bianca – Marina and Byran.  email:  barkley.marina @ gmail dot com

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